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the many-angled ones, they come...

they crawl up from the infrared...

they swarm the low harmonics...

they stellate on the hallowed plane...

they sing blue tessellations...

they rise and spread their vertices...

the many-angled ones have come!


_rampant is a twin stick arena shooter — a fun and challenging session game that you can play for five minutes or fifty. Fight your way through endless waves of intelligent and ruthless enemies in multiple modes designed for any kind of session, from brief and intense to long and relaxing.


- Tackle increasingly challenging enemies that anticipate your movements and evade your fire, with dynamic physics that pushes, tosses, and scatters you and your enemies alike.

- Play any of six different modes to suit your mood. Go without checkpoints in Marathon, enjoy a quick playthrough in Short, or dive straight into the insanity of Skirmish.

- Evade, shoot, and bomb your foes using either gamepad or mouse and keyboard.

- Match the music to your style with a five-song soundtrack. (Music by Teknoaxe, CC-licensed.)

Available for Windows — Linux and Mac versions coming soon!




_rampant is designed and programmed by Raymond Neilson (@delta_vee), with additional contributions by Matt Hawk.


For technical support or press inquiries, please contact: